Multi Level Professional Support

Not Just Cover But Confidence That Your Operation Is In Safe Professional Hands

Whether it is a simple holiday or sickness cover for a unit or opening up a new or mothballed site, we can offer you the professional services of a qualified industry-competent individual.

Not only will we provide cover, but we also have the ability to offer a three-tiered approach to this whole site.

Standard Cover

A simple but very effective solution to any long/short-term cover for your site. We will provide effective day-to-day management/supervision to ensure that you fulfil the requirements of the Quarries Regulations 1999.

Cover & Recommendations

Similar to the standard cover, albeit we would produce a report at the end of the service to provide recommendations to the unit or site. This may take the form of operation efficiencies, product or production recommendations or industry good practice.

Cover & Detailed Report

We would not only provide a term of cover but also a detailed report of the overall operation. To enable us to provide this service, we would require a minimum of 1-month term to establish an in-depth view of what is happening.

This would cover all aspects of the operation, including operational methods, involvement in safety meetings and daily duties.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can support your operation .