We provide a range of training and assessment
services to meet the industry needs

QuarrySURE ©

Our QuarrySURE© training has been developed using the industry knowledge of both Mike and Roy’s combined experience.

MixerSURE ©

Developed in 2015, MixerSURE© is the only accredited and assured training for Ready-Mix

TipperSURE ©

Adapted to suit the needs of the industry, TipperSURE© was developed to ensure that fully accredited and assured training was also available for Tipper Drivers.

The TMCA© (Tipper/Mixer Competence Assessment) is a detailed, holistic assessment of driver competence aimed specifically at drivers of Concrete Mixers and Tippers.

Current or new driver competency will be assessed through a range of observations, operational skills and knowledge, enabling us to consider critical aspects of competency.

Our TMCA©’s also come fully assured by CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety)New Paragraph

The OCA is a comprehensive assessment based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Mobile & Processing Plant Operations comprising
an observation of Skills, a multiple-choice test of Knowledge, a consideration of training & experience and a discussion of other qualities.

Fully Assured & Accredited

We offer a wide range of training assessments which has been fully accredited and assured by industry awarding body EMPI Awards.

EMPI Awards is a credible, independent and alternative Awarding Organisation for the Extractive & Mineral Processing Industries, free from conflicts of interest arising from involvement in other industry training.

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